I currently use fap turbo in my larger accounts and believe me, it produces

I currently use Fap Turbo in my larger accounts and believe me, it produces!

Fap Turbo is my favorite choice when it comes to those with larger investments and those with experience in the forex market. Its been around since 2007 and it immediately blew all of the other robots out of the water within a week of test time. My one rejection to fap turbo is that the installation process could be difficult for beginners. I myself had to use customer support a few times before I got everything set up. If you’re familiar with the installation process, you’ll be fine. Since Fap Turbo has been out for quite some time, there is a large amount of information out there from the general public about its successes. You’ll also have access to the Fap Turbo Forum after purchasing. This is very helpful if you’re curious to see how others are doing.

The Fap Turbo robot offers an average installation experience, a decent price at $140 (sale price), 24/7 support, member-only access, 1 trading license, super fast trading capabilities, tons of proof of success, a 60 day money-back guarantee, dual download options (You can chose the beginner or pro version of the robot)

Summary: Fap Turbo is my number 1 choice for those with larger amounts to invest, those upgrading from MegaDroid, and of course those who just want to have multiple robots working for them. I myself have fap turbo and megadroid running 24/7 for me.

TIP: Fap Turbo is going to recommend using FXDD as your metatrader broker. I do not recommend them. Their spreads are far too high for Fap Turbo to trade well. My fap turbo has been most successful with my Alpari US account

I hope you enjoyed this fap turbo robot review! I know a single mom that is supporting herself and her 4 kids off of her fap turbo forex profits. She brings in $5K a week.

Don’t hesitate to download Fap Turbo right away at www.fapturbo-riches.com

To read more about my success and the 2 robots I use see www.mrsforex.com

Massive reductions on new luxury items it seems all zapadeal online auctions result in the winning bidder saving a lot of money and the losing bidders having a lot of fun

Massive Reductions On New Luxury Items

It seems all Zapadeal Online Auctions result in the winning bidder saving a lot of money and the losing bidders having a lot of fun… trying to win! Also the winning bidder has the new item delivered to the front door… without delivery cost internationally!

You can’t sell your own items at this online auctions place. Zapadeal claim all the items are factory fresh… in-demand products. You could win a new automobile, travel voucher, giftcard or any top brand name technology product.

Social Interactive Auction Format

Zapadeal Online Auctions have several fun action houses. The fast and furious ‘Penny Auctions’ have two versions. The regular penny auction has a 10 second timer and the ‘Hyper’ version has a 5 second timer. Where the fun comes in… firstly you have got to beat the clock… and secondly you need to be the ‘current bidder’ when the time runs out. I guess the idea could be if the other bidders see you’re in it to win… they may withdraw… or at least holdback long enough for the timer to run down!

With penny auctions the price goes up one cent with each bid (all bidding is in US currency). The ‘Set Price’ auction works the same as penny auctions… but the winner of the biding… only pays the ‘set price’… no matter what the auction bidding goes to! So with this one you know exactly what you’ll pay before you start. A ‘Set Price’ auction could also be ‘set’ at zero dollars.

Longer auctions are the ‘Down to Zero’ and ‘Buy Anytime’ auctions. With the Down to Zero auction… you want to be the bidder that takes the biding to zero! With the Buy Anytime auction… you buy when the auction gets down to a price you’re happy to pay! Both this auctions start at normal retail price and go down 20 cents with each bid.

Zapadeal Bid Credits and Vouchers

To be able to place bids at Zapadeal online auctions you need to:

1. Register Online

2. Buy Some Bid Credits

3. Choose Auction House

4. Choose Item

5. Place Bids.

When you register… you give yourself a nickname. So when you logon each time… you use your nickname (username)and password. Bid credits are the currency used to place bids. You are able to purchase these bid credits in packs from US$20 to US$500. The bigger the package… the cheaper cost per ‘bid credit.’

From the drop-dowm menu you select an auction house. You might pick the quick-action ‘Penny or Set Price’ auctions or the slower ‘Down to Zero’ or ‘Buy Anytime’ auctions. Then from the chosen auction house you select the item that takes your fancy! The item could even be a voucher for a specific value. Vouchers can be turned into products of your choose. Zapadeal Online Auctions have introduced an innovation in auction products. At their online products store you can select an item to spend your voucher on. Zapadeal are international and are working towards having country specific products. It might be that you could select a local product to spend your voucher on.

When you place a bid the price goes down 20 cents… in the Zero auctions and goes up one cent in the Penny and Set Price auctions. That bid has cost you from 50 cents to 66 cents. The residual amount makes up Zapadeals running costs. With each bid you place… you’ll see at the top right hand side of the screen that your number of available bid credits reduces. You can also buy and transfer bid credits to someone else in the system. Also you are able to buy ‘Gift Vouchers’ and have the gift voucher code number emailed along with instructions on how to use the voucher.

Zapadeal Has Eight Auction Houses

Zapadeal is new and they are developing eight auction houses… more than any other online auction place. The popular auctions are the Penny,Set price,Down to Zero, and Buy Anytime auction houses. Other auction houses are:

- Nickel Auctions… the price goes up 5 cents with each bid.

- Exclusive Auctions… the least expensive unique bid wins.

- Up to Zero Auctions… bidding goes up from 5 cents and winning bidder gets itme for ‘free.’

- Charity Auctions… this costs $9.97 to enter and the money goes to charity of your choice.

Zapadeal Online Auctions are introducing a new way to win an online auction. It is the ‘Automated Auction Wizard System.’ This system can be set to do the biding on your behalf. You set your maximum bid and let the wizard do its thing! They seem to cater for everyone, however clicking the bid button yourself… has got to be more fun!

Zapadeal Business Opportunity

Something different from all other online auctions is that Zapadeal have a business opportunity associated with this system. It is an online network marketing business. To become an associate you need to be sponsored in by an existing business associate. New business associates need to buy one of three packages. These packages vary in cost and rewards.They start at US$200 and this includes bid credits.

To receive benefits associates have to be active. They do that by buying $20 of bid credits each month or in accumulating points from customer purchases. Associates don’t ‘have to’ purchase, but being in the business is about making short and long term residual income. The income plan is a two-third/one-third binary plan. Zapadeal expects to have a million customer by the end of 2009. This makes Zapadeal a lucrative business opportunity!

Summary: Reverse Auctions Always Reduce The Price

Most dictionaries indicate that an auction is a sale to the ‘highest bidder.’ Reverse auctions are truly the opposite. At all Zapadeal Online Auctions the winning bidder gets the goods delivered (no delivery cost) to their home on an international basis. If you were the winner of a new car… that car would be sourced in your country with the automobile warranty attached.

Zapadeal is basically another product outlet for top brand manufacturers and merchants. Their business is to move products. The products are paid for… by the ‘bid credits’ purchased. To view results by past winners go through the links below and when on Zapadeal… click ‘Auctions’… click ‘Winners.’ It shows the normal price and the actual price the winner paid! Someone has to win the bids… could be you or me!

Is xocai healthy chocolate just another network marketing scam or does it offer the potential to build a viable and sustainable home business

Is Xocai healthy chocolate just another network marketing scam or does it offer the potential to build a viable and sustainable home business? Xocai has been on the market since 2006. Since that time, so many articles and websites have purported to know the truth about the company and whether its line of chocolates is the real deal. The purpose of this article is to share one network marketer’s perspective on Xocai and its viability as a home business.

To begin, I’d like to share what I believe to be the key criteria to building a successful business. There are several key factors that are going to determine the long term viability of any enterprise:

  • You must have a genuine demand for your product
  • You must have a customers willing to purchase and repurchase
  • You must must be able to survive growth and competition

Let us examine Xocai relative to each of these factors.

Genuine product demand

The chocolate market itself is certainly very significant. According to industry sources, 9 out of 10 people like and eat chocolate — most on a regular basis. The average American consumes 12 pounds of chocolate per year. So chocolate as a candy is definitely big business.

Xocai chocolate is marketed as “healthy”. What makes it unique is that its chocolate is cold-pressed thereby preserving the very high antioxidant properties of raw cocoa, which is its primary ingredient. The chocolate is supplemented with super fruits such as the acai berry giving it even more of a health boost. The super fruits market has become quite a significant subset of the health food and drink industries over the past several years and healthy chocolate is a compelling cross over of two large industries: health food and chocolate.

Customers willing to repurchase

One of the obvious failings of most network marketing businesses is the lack of a viable retail customer base willing to repurchase. This is what ultimately gets so many companies into regulatory trouble because the only customer base that seems to be willing to purchase are distributors who do so in order to position themselves to earn. Where there is no meaningful retail market, the pressure to constantly recruit becomes severe and the business model no longer holds up.

In fact, looking beyond just the network marketing industry and instead looking at business in general, most companies fail inside of 3 years because they lack recurring buying. Recurring buying from a retail customer base is the lifeblood of any successful business/

Thus far, Xocai appears to be positioned well. It boasts some of the highest customer and distributor retention rates in the industry. The company’s one year retention rate for both distributors and customers is well above 70%. It’s two year retention is also very strong, so there is strong recurring buying.

Surviving growth and competition

Often it can be fairly easy for a company to have some success out of the gate, particularly if they are launched well. There is often excitement and buzz around a new venture and with no negative track record, people are optimistic.

To survive, a company must have the systems and infrastructure in place to handle growth; inability to handle rapid growth can often be a company’s downfall. Is it able to maintain its inventory, turn around orders on a timely basis and maintain quality customer service? These things matter.

Although it has had a couple of minor bumps, Xocai has demonstrated an ability to handle growth well. Its business has more than doubled each of its first 4 years and it has maintained effective quality and order flow throughout. It has also continued to expand internationally into new markets.

Xocai has also managed its competition well. While it has a distinct advantage in that its cold pressed technology is protected by a worldwide patent, the company has also been able to establish itself as a serious player in the home business space. Its rate of growth in new distributors continues to climb month after month.


In this overview I have deliberately avoided any discussion around compensation. The reason for that is that the compensation plan in and of itself really has little if any impact on the success of any network marketer’s business. Within the industry, less than one half of one percent ever earn a six figure income, notwithstanding the quality of the compensation plans. Few companies ever see more than 1% to 3% reach those levels.

Overall, based on the key criteria I have identified, Xocai looks to be a solid opportunity from my perspective as a network marketer. It demonstrates the qualities of a business that can endure over time.

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Consistent advancement in the technology has led to the internet based technology getting more sophisticated

Consistent advancement in the technology has led to the Internet based technology getting more sophisticated. Gone are the days when an end user had no other option but to forcibly use the dial-up connection. Now with the advent of technology market scenario has totally changed and Internet is now looked as a valuable communication tool. To make the Internet accessing task more user friendly various broadband giants like Three, T-mobile, O2, Virgin, Orange and Vodafone are offering lucrative mobile broadband deals to its people. Mobile broadband which is an another name of wireless high speed Internet come with its own distinctive advantages as it makes the communication process a lot easier for the people. This state of the art technology has taken the world’s economy by storm as it proves to be more cost effective and fast. Due to its user friendly mechanism it has made the browsing task simpler



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And when,

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